Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pilots Interview Questions Best-Paying Flying Jobs

Pilots have many simultaneous responsibilities during flight. What can you tell me about this?

During the flying time, the pilots have to deal with many tasks at the same time. The pilots are the person who navigate the flight schedule, observe and direct the crew’s activities, check and applying the instruction in flight. Beside they also have to check weather condition and give suitable solutions with each case. In addition, they also have to monitor altitude and air traffic. These simultaneously tasks are very difficult and stressful so the pilot is required of outstanding multi- tasking skills and high concentration ability.

How would you behave as the pilot of a plane during an emergency?

Answer: Describe first what your emotional response would be. In the interview the chance to become a pilot is coming near to you if you can give a clear well example with the detail preferable demonstration of pilot tasks. Let them see that you can keep your mind be stable and poise; you can persuade all members in the crew follow your instructions even in the hard situation such as emergency procedures.  

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