Friday 2 May 2014

OnLine Pre Flight Training for Pilots and Air Hostess For Students of Class XI / XII

Think Beyond Medical And Engineering - Make your Career in Aviation !!

Asiatic International Aviation Corp is committed to the impartment of Theoritcal Aviation knowledge to aspiring X / XI / XII pursuing Aviation enthusiasts.

Asiatic International Aviation Corp, is one of the largest and the most respected Flying Training Ground School in India and Asia. 

Hundreds of Students  have built their Careers as Pilots while training with us.

The Indian economy is growing at an incredible pace and so is the Aviation sector, General Aviation in particular has taken off in a big way and both General and Civil Aviation Operators are purchasing aircraft (Fixed and Rotary wing) in large numbers. 

If the aviation industry has some deficiency, it is the dearth of quality and skilled Pilots .

To fulfill this gap and to give wings to the dreams of aviation enthusiasts we have launched  advanced online learning facilities on Pilot and Air Hostess ( Cabin Crew ) Training for X / XI / XII Standard Students . 

OnLine Training Overview

Our Online Pilot and Cabin Crew Training Courses include entire training from basic through to a professional Airline Career. Our training integrates Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License and Instrument Rating with a structure designed to educate the Ideal Commercial Pilot, not just to specialize in one particular element of Aviation. 

We offer the following services :

I. Pre Flight Online Pilot Training 

Duration : 1 year

Timings : 1 hour ; 4 days a week ( Tue, Wed, Thu , Fri)
[ Flexible and tailormade training as per the Student's School timings ]

Fees : INR Rs. 1,000 P.M.

II. Pre Flight Online Air Hostess (Cabin Crew ) Training 

Duration : 1 year

Timings : 1 Hour Per Day for   4 days a week ( Tue, Wed, Thu , Fri)

[ Flexible and tailormade training as per the Student's school timings ]

Fees : INR Rs. 750 PM

Our Aim is to produce the optimum blend of aircraft manipulative skills, academic application, leadership and command character, all combined with a competent knowledge of Business and Aviation management. You needs to have Access to Internet via GMail and Skype.

Team  : 

Capt. Shekhar Gupta [Pilot ] 
CEO, AeroSoft Corp

Niriha Khajanchi   [ MBA Aviation ]

Capt. Ankisha Awasthi [ Pilot, FAA USA ] 

Pragati Srivastava [ Air Hostess ]
Contact Us :

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
CEO, AeroSoft Corp
+91- 9826008899


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